Surprising Finds #3 ~ Ash In My Breakfast

I realise just how far behind the curve I am on much life has to offer (who knew Kings Cross in London was now a destination as opposed to somewhere any sensible person would want to get out of as fast as possible? Everyone, it seems, except me).

Likewise the spiralizer. My BF recommended it to me and I am a late adopter, but big fan (thanks Hemsley + Hemsley sisters; love the spiralizer and am madly in love with you too with your super healthy bodies, yoga toned limbs and pretty clothes Apart from finding it slightly difficult to wash after use, this little (relatively inexpensive) gadget is great fun, and I am loving eating ‘courgetti’ (and saying the word as often as possible) with as many meals as is humanly possible.

My latest Surprising Find is Ash in my food. I did have visions of this being actual ash from the bottom of the fireplace (wouldn’t it be cool if this was a new superfood?) but a little bit of research shows I am wrong. It is prevalent in pet food (not so far making me feel more at ease – you?) and essentially refers to the mineral content. Here is a description from a website helpfully entitled All About Dog Food.

‘Ash’ is one of the most commonly misunderstood terms in pet food. Contrary to the images it conjures, ash is simply a measure of the mineral content of a food. When calculating the food’s calorific content, it is incinerated and the energy released is measured. All of the carbohydrate, fat and protein burn off leaving only the minerals. This is known as the ash content.

Ash in food

More helpful if you are a human being, and taken from Ash refers to any inorganic material, such as minerals, present in food. It’s called ash because it’s residue that remains after heating removes water and organic material such as fat and protein. Food scientists “ash” foods so that they can examine this leftover material to better determine a food’s content.

So there we are. To ash is a verb. I enter the weekend in the spirit of adventure and education. Life is full of surprises.

Annie Bee x

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