Why I Love Wrinkles

Some people find it hard to believe that I never iron, but it is true. My mother is an avid ironer, and enjoys it enormously but the ironing bug has missed a generation in my case. What I am good at is buying clothes which either don’t crease or look OK wrinkly. For example I don’t own a single shirt or blouse – my lifestyle simply doesn’t have a call for them.


Lots of women I know end up doing the ironing for the whole family – husbands, kids (including teenagers) and that includes bedding for the household. Some girlfriends were chatting about this the other day and, on hearing that some of the group even ironed underwear, one said, “Luckily I have a built-in iron in my┬ánether-regions which even occasionally has a steam setting”. These are the gals I ride with.

When the youngest Baby Bee was a toddler, he came across an ironing board propped up in a ladies loo at a primary school we were visiting. His exclamation filled me with joy: “Look Mummy, a surf board”.

I do  spend hours gardening which some people absolutely hate and have little or no time for, so we are all different. Baking is another one I prefer to leave to others. Different priorities. Different likes and dislikes.

ironing boards as fence

I am very happy to walk around looking a bit scruffy and creased (it matches my face) and I leave the ironing to Bees in my family who do need ironed shirts for work and school or a special occasion.


What do you regard as a complete waste of time in your domestic life?