…….. Said No Woman Ever

I took a brisk walk into town this morning to fulfil my duties as The Fridge Fairy. On my way I passed a man who was leaning up against a wall, talking on his mobile.  In tracksuit bottoms, he (and I cannot think of a pleasant way of putting this) was idly playing with what I believe is called “his junk” while (on the other hand/with the other hand ?) cancelling his bank cards. It made me think of a recent quote I saw on twitter which went something like this :

 I can’t wait to marry the man who just wolf-whistled me from his car ~ said no woman ever.

Same goes double for this morning’s guy:

I am cheered up immensely to see you play with your balls as I walk past and you chat on your phone ~ said no woman ever.

Even more …Said No Woman Ever  quotes can be found here. A couple of my favourites are

Let me know if you have got any you particularly like. Annie Bee x Annie Bee signature

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