Monday Morning and My Nest Is Empty

Well it sure is quiet here at Bee HQ. Tumbleweed is drifting through the house, and the only noise is me typing. I am not quite sure what I feel just yet, as I am recovering from a slightly traumatic last 10 days.

I will say this though: it is proving awfully nice for us oldies not to be woken up by the younger Bees going to bed at 3am, and the kitchen is jolly tidy! The dishwasher won’t need to be put to go until late-October. I do feel bereft though – sort of churned up inside.

Morning coffee with a fellow empty nester beckons – she is bringing the tissues and I will put the kettle on.

Have a good Monday, and indeed a fruitful and happy week.

monday pic 1

Annie Bee x

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4 thoughts on “Monday Morning and My Nest Is Empty

  1. Hi Mrs Bee, I feel it too, its complex and scary. Sort of liberating but in a free fall kind of way. Habits built up over years of caring and providing for your children suddenly no longer required and sooo quiet. That constant boom boom bass coming from the top bedroom silenced. Hang on in there. I’m holding your hand, albeit virtually x


  2. a friend of mine is kick-starting a new tradition that has already taken hold in my mind (even though my youngest is only in kindy). Her boys have finished school so she has taken a ‘gap-year’ from her role as a psychologist in Australia, and is doing lots of travel, some volunteer work and right now is cycling through Wales. I’ll put her in touch on Facebook if you like!


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