The Beauty of Paper


I stayed in a hotel in Oxford a year or so ago and most of the art on the walls was paper related, but not in ways you would first imagine. My favourite piece was an exquisite dress made from a vintage map. Sadly I lost the photo I took when swapping to a new mobile phone (showing my age – that wouldn’t happen to a young person!) but here are some other photos which I find very inspiring and beautiful.

two paper dresses

paper dress art

paper dress art

Paper art can be traced back to Japan where it originated over a thousand years ago. Although the vast majority of art is ON paper, if you look for it you can find plenty of examples of  book carving, origami and paper sculpture.

Book sculpture

Book sculpture

paper bee

Paper airplanes were an endlessly fascinating homemade toy for my brother and I as pre-schoolers. We made so many he had a box outside his bedroom where he tried to sell them for 5c each. (I was not buying!). Kids now probably have an ipad to play with, but this was 1960s New Zealand. The only thing I have made recently is this book note-holder which lives by my front door. The notes, which I leave out strategically as and when I need to, say things like,

 ~ Do NOT forget your mobile

~ Out running. Back in an hour

~ I am teaching: please empty the dishwasher

Annie Bee's book art

There are more photos on my pinterest page.

Which is your favourite? Do you make things using paper?

Have a super weekend

Annie Bee x

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