Why Is The Square Neck Top So Flattering?

When Roland Mouret brought out the Galaxy dress in spring of 2006, it was obvious that the (then) unusual neckline was very flattering. Not quite square, more trapezoid, it acts as an arrow from the bust up to the face and frames it beautifully.Mouret Galaxy Dress 07

Galaxy Dress

For us mere mortals for whom looking at this picture is the closest they will come to the Galaxy, searching for square neck tops and dresses is definitely worth doing. They are what my mother would call “like hen’s teeth” – certainly here in the UK you really can’t find many of them and they are definitely not mainstream. This surprises me. Frankly, if M&S or H&M were to start selling a simple square neck T-shirt, I guarantee it would fly off the shelves.

square neck T

Grey square neck T

Square neck dress

There are a few websites stocking square neck tops right now in the UK. Kettlewell Colours is a site I have recently bought a few things from http://www.kettlewellcolours.co.uk/. Miss Selfridge seem to have a few http://www.missselfridge.com/ as does M&Co http://www.mandco.com/.

If you find any, snap them up. Let me know, as I am stockpiling them. And do tell me if you think they are flattering.

Annie Bee x

More pics of square neck tops and dresses here: https://uk.pinterest.com/buzzanniebee/the-square-neck-is-super-flattering/

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