Sight Jogging ~ Wait … What?

I read a headline in the paper the other day which said Sight Jogging, but I read it because I thought it said SLIGHT jogging, which is something I do exceptionally well. Whilst I do sometimes call what I do ‘running’, the reality is that it is merely jogging, and (it gets worse) I mix it up with power walking. Anyway, I digress.

So there is this thing called Sight Jogging – like Sight Seeing, but with your running shoes on and presumably with little scope for taking pictures with the flash off inside an ancient church. When I started looking into this new phenomenon (from what I can see, it started in 2014) it struck me it might actually be an elaborate April Fools’. But there are reviews for it on TripAdvisor, so it must be true.

Sight Jogging Vienna

There are Sight Jogging tours in a number of European cities – Brussels, Rome, Dublin, Venice, Prague and Berlin for starters. London of course offers it too. One company is London jogging tours; one of their routes is along the Thames from Tower Hill to the Houses of Parliament, which is about 7km and sounds rather jolly. It says it is perfect for ‘gentle joggers’ and/or ‘recreational joggers’. So what does that mean? Would it suit me, a slight jogger? They say that if the tour is aimed at gentle joggers, there are plenty of stops whereas the other group runs at a more steady pace.  I guess there is just one way to find out.

sight jogging stuttgart

I am not averse to exercising on holiday although some days walking from the sun lounger to the beach bar and back again is more than ample. However, if this is something which appeals to you, it looks like it is also available outside Europe as well – Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Scandinavia and Russia have joined the fun. Eventually, you may be able to sight run the globe. Have a look here to see where in the world it is happening.

As one of the websites helpfully says, “don’t forget to pack your running shoes”. Might be an idea to leave the selfie stick at home though. Jogging along sightseeing with one of those could take someone’s eye out.

If you want to see my thoughts on fartlekking (or interval training as it is more boringly called) please see Fartlekking Post 1 and Fartlekking Post 2.

Have a super weekend.

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Travel ~ The Journey Or The Destination?

Hello again


To quote the inside of many a dreadful Hallmark card, “Life is a journey, not a destination”. When it comes to actual real-life travel, the journeying is often nothing short of torture. Documents, visas, e-tickets, luggage limits, mobile phone roaming charges, jet-lag, airplane food – I could go on. When in the midst of it (a 15 hour plane flight for example or a 7 hour car journey with 3 children under the age 5), one wonders about the merits of ever leaving home at all. In those cases, it is definitely the destination which matters. Often we are forced to travel places as fast as possible so that the very valuable 4 weeks annual holiday from the job aren’t wasted. I can imagine if you had a month to make your way to a destination and you could travel slowly (maybe cycling part of the way or meandering along on a canal boat) enjoying all the parts of the journey as you go, it would be a very different matter.

“Travel is glamorous only in retrospect.”~ Paul Theroux

I’m with Mr Theroux on this one.

However, my travel woes are definitely of the ‘first world problem’ variety and I am enormously lucky to be setting off on several weeks of exciting travels very soon.

The destination for me is my family, some new parts of the world I have never seen before, seeing old friends (one of whom I have not seen for decades), all culminating in a holiday to which all 3 of the Baby Bees are joining Mr B and I.

School exams will be over, jobs need a break from and new experiences beckon.

I might not be looking forward to the travel per se but I am super excited about the many and various destinations.

Antique map

I need to get the suitcase out of the loft now. And where is that passport?

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